1. Configure your Space

Straight Island

Straight Island

Straight out door grill stations or islands are perfect for small spaces. They can be built on patio's perimeter or along an existing exterior wall. You can also add a detached, parallel bar or refreshment station. 

L-Shape Bar-Island

L-Shape out door Kitchen/bar-islands, similar to a Straight island can work well in small to medium size spaces and can be located on perimeter of a patio. L-Shape layouts are a great way to add convenient prep and bar space.

U-Shape Kitchen

U-shape outdoor kitchens are the ultimate in prepping, cooking and entertaining outside. A U-Shape requires a medium to large space. The U-Shape also offers convenience of all appliances, utilities and components in one place.

2. Chose your Grills & Appliances.


Find the right Grill for your needs. Coyote offers a wide range of sizes and accessories for make you a master chief.

Ice Chest/Refrigerator

Chose from Coyotes selection of ice chests and refrigerators to keep your cold food cold and your summer drinks colder.


Coyote offers wide range of storage options for your outdoor kitchen. Anywhere from warming draws to pull out trash cans to make your kitchen user friendly.

3. Structure Design

Stone Style

Chose from 7 of our differant styles. 

Color options

We're all about customization, so let us help you chose the best color pallets for your design

ClifRock/Traditional Methods

Nationwide, homeowners are choosing the ClifRock panel systems over other traditional methods. ClifRock has designed and developed a method that makes outdoor living simple for installers and affordable for homeowners, without compromising the durability and the natural aesthetics of real stone. With House 2 House Lawn Care LLC, homeowners can expect to see their new custom outdoor living space come to life in just a few days or less where as if we used traditional methods it can take up to weeks and sometimes even months. And, we eliminated the need for a footing or support structure so that we could expand our homeowners’ options on where they can place their outdoor living space. ClifRock is more affordable and quicker than traditional methods and our engineered stone is just as strong and resistant as real stone. Transform your backyard with ClifRock for a high performing, beautifully crafted outdoor living space.



It last 2 to 3 times greater longevity than conventional outdoor kitchen concrete construction. 

Property Disruption

 The damage to your property is very minimal, as there is no need for heavy equipment. 

Weather Resistant

Extreme weather resistance to fight mother  natures harsh conditions such as impacts, freezing, extreme heat, weathering and scratching. 

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